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tv   [untitled]    December 6, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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sure they are providing a valuable service for the puc. we are not just providing money to the kids. they are doing work for the puc. then we have to capture the city staff that are supervising, the time they're putting in. there are a lot of things for it is hard to get a number. we want to give a robust number. we do not want to say 50,000 of our 30 million. i am just trying to make -- chairperson maxwell: you all are engineers, and i understand that. but we are not necessarily engineers. you are into the science and everything needs to cross and meat. i understand that. however, i need you to relax a little bit on this and give us some ideas. come back with that. i know engineers and i know how you're thinking. but we need to relax a little bit and give us some overall. then you can come back with some of the details later. you know how that works. we do want the details.
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thank you all very much. any further comments from you all? i have not done public comments yet. we of not called for public comment. sam murray? >> i am present and accounted for. thank you for this opportunity. in one thing i would like to mention earlier, because i think it is important and we can ticket -- and we tend to forget these things -- i would like to share some events with you. when is the program started as the 9916 program under alice pitcher historically.
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i think mr. wallace should be given credit for how he helped to improve the program in the standpoint of what we did when we look at the program and redeveloping it before we got our new coordinator. we looked at it from a different perspective. when you have a training program that does not ever get someone into management, he and i felt that was a failure. we created. the way we looked and developing getting someone from the community that actually could help to motivate other students at a higher level -- you had a pre-apprenticeship program that became an apprenticeship program. we do have an individual from that program that actually became a grade 5 who is still in the apprenticeship program. i think that is the part that you want to hear. the other thing we did in that program is a task force in which
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we received from this program -- there were the highest in the community. as a matter of fact, two of our people from that program scored the highest in that test. i think people need to understand that. tommy has done a great job with that. i also think the community career day, which you participated in -- after we did career day at thurgood marshall high school -- people always have this tendency of thinking of bayview hunters point as only african-americans, but that is a very diverse community. in that process, thurgood marshall has a very high asian population at that school. understanding that they went up 67% when we started the tour de in that community. also people do not understand that by creating the program -- the art work around the
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southeast plant is artwork from the children from bayview hunters point and the southeast sector. there are some great things that have occurred. the other thing that has happened there is that we have created the relationship with the city san francisco city college. we met with the chancellor and also met and helped enforce the relationship with the community and the trustees in city college. those are things people do not see we are doing. we're creating a way to give access. they do parking in front of the community college. tickets are given their at a certain time. we do our cleaning at the time when much of the students are there. we're changing the flavor of the community, and with the garden program and all of those things that i think folks have not had a time to take a look at. the task force -- how the task
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force was developed. the digester task force -- i see alex standing there. i am sure he will testify is true that the task force was a very diverse task force, and a group of individuals that in a lot of cases would not normally be on the same team. i think the puc certainly should be able to take some credit for that. but i think looking at it, the task force -- i think the digester task force has created a way to also make us closer in that community. i think those are some of the things, just shortly, i wanted to share with you, which i have not shared before. i think those are the things that create good neighbors and create -- once i think people need to understand quickly. we are part of the family of bayview hunters point.
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everybody fleshes there. everybody is a part of it. we are a part of a view. my office is in bayview. the of theory that -- the theory that we are different things -- we're the same thing. i wanted to share that. chairperson maxwell: why don't we open this up to public comment? francisco? >> i find this meeting despicable, and i will explain to you why. you were the representative from district 10. do you notice in this meeting the first two agenda items were about the redevelopment agency, and now three items on very important things. you get the opportunity to ask puc to present. that presentation was not forthcoming. that is putting in very diplomatically. what i am seeing is this. i am having a meeting tomorrow with the chief financial officer of sfpuc, and i am going to be
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writing an article. this article that i write will be what i really have in my mind. what we have here is a lot of corruption. i have sent another article from the old days to ed harrington and to the chief financial officer. i will put the link in the article so that you know what is happening here. what we want to know is from the $4.60 billion that was spent for clean water, how much of it was community benefits. not the little stuff, but how much of it was? we just want to know. 2%? 3%? 4%? 5%? now, the bond measure will come again about $1.40 billion or
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$1.60 billion. we want to know what percentage. we do not want stories about my office in the community and that crap. that does not fly. too many people all over the southeast sector -- bayview, hunters point, are suffering. they want to know what kind of benefits they will get. i have been participating over here. somebody who represents us is not doing her job. i am glad she is getting termed out. thank you very much. >> i will try to be brief. specifically, i want to touch on one thing karen mentioned in terms of some of the siting decisions going on on the digester. alex twinsburg, chair of the cac, but here is myself. there was a picture showing the original shoreline. karen said something really
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important that i think jumps to your level more than it does theirs. that is that they need to consider it seismographs, flooding risks. the puc focuses on puc facilities. the land use facilities to think of the entire city. when we look at the port docklands, when we see these maps -- these things are going to be under water or under high tide probably within a generation. the land use committee released to ask itself how we are going to arm our this land. are we going to write it off right now to the tides? moving the digesters -- moving the entire treatment plant to the back plans creates a tremendous opportunity protect port infrastructure. it creates an opportunity to open up what one of my neighbors has called the industrial force field around bayview hunters
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point that so divides our communities -- the northwest portion from the rest of the city. it creates a tremendous opportunity to redevelop the land, about 12 acres, a to 10-- 10 yo 12to 12 acres, right nexta prospective caltrans stopped coming into something that will help the neighborhood. as you watch this develop over the next few years, please think about this in the broader context, not simply focused on puc infrastructure, as they do. chairperson maxwell: if we look at it in the broader sense, both of us sit on bcdc. and it is coming up with regulations on how you build. nobody in their right mind would build a sewage plant on the back plans that could be, as you mentioned, underwater. that does not make sense. what we are doing at is looking at zones where you do not build
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things, where you do not put yourself in a position where you are going to have to do all kinds of things. it does not make a lot of sense. that is what we are looking at. we should be coming out, i think, probably next year, with some guidelines for municipalities. i am almost sure that those guidelines would not suggest to anybody that you build a sewage plant where you know that there is going to be problems with flooding and with tied issues. it just does not make a lot of sense. i understand what you're saying, but i think the port and all of us will come up -- all of the port and all of us will come up with a plan that you will see and understand that we are looking toward the future for 50 years down the line. >> if i may say something, i think that is a really important consideration. in most cases, i think that is exactly the way to go. the key point with this is that
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we have a sanitary landfill that is going to be underneath the water within 20 years. that is what exists at pier 9094. it has total interaction with the bay. it is surrounded by industrial infrastructure, meaning the port facilities. right now, the plan is basically parking lots. some of the vision that i have heard from folks is that they want to build economic generating uses over there. the problem with that was the could not do that with the biggest real-estate bubble in the history of mankind. we're not good to have any other chance to clean up that land fill. chairperson maxwell: i disagree with you. i think we will have more opportunities than you imagined. i think there will be opportunities -- much better opportunities than putting a sewage plant over there that will last year for the next 50 to 100 years. i think there will be plans. i just hope that you will look
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into -- a little bit more into the port. bcdc will be coming out with this online and you'll see it and have a better understanding. thank you very much. mr. pilpao? >> i had separate comments on the community benefits and the digester. i may need a little time to extend. with respect to community benefits, i wanted to reinforce some of what the staff said. puc has done local hiring since before it was popular, before city built, before work force development as a concept. a local hiring ordinance is now being talked about. some of this goes back decades. more specifically, i think art and claude had a hand in it when the plant was expanded in the '80s. that part of it i do not think is about giving money away to the community by way of grants
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for other programs. it is about creating meaningful jobs and career paths that the staff talk about. in terms of the broad sense of community benefits, i think this requires some conversation about what it is. i know the consultant is here and should speak to it at a future meeting. there are both hard and soft costs and benefits, both individual benefits and to the public generally. i hope that would get talked about as your resolution moves through. with respect to the task force, the waste water cac that alex and i also sit on is an ongoing body that advises the puc. that is not referenced here. as someone who has sat on that for several years, i have been frustrated by the ambiguous process on digester replacement, or seeming inability to see whether we are doing a food waste digester to
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support our larger environmental goals, and where we are going with the sewer improvement master plan. alex talked-about site selection. i think that should consider both the southeast planned and pier 94 sites, and we should have a broader conversation about all of the land both east and west that is controlled by the puc and public works. i hope to see expedited implementation of this project and that you will have regular reports back to the board, whoever is sitting on the committee. chairperson maxwell: again, i want to thank the puc for all the work they have done. i think we will see the benefits have been many. i just want them to blow their horns a little bit. they do not really do that a lot. i think the legislation that we have, the resolution, really speaks to the benefits. they would get a package together. that is important. the digester task force and
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their work -- i want to thank them. no good deed should go unnoticed. that is why we are doing the resolution. colleagues, any questions or comments? no. thank you very much. we will see you monday. we're going to continue this. and on the resolutions, without objection, some moved. >> you want the hearing continued? chairperson maxwell: continued until monday. i know. thank you. the proceeding is adjourned. thank you.
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>> the san francisco arts commission's public arts program made a big splash in the civic center with the world premiere of three heads, six arms. the artist came from shanghai to help us celebrate the unavailing. we had a chance to speak with him about his work.
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>> the san francisco arts commission is pleased to be celebrating their relationship between san high and san francisco. the shanghai and san francisco. this is a 30 relationship that stretches back to win dianne feinstein was the mayor of san francisco. we premiered a new work of art here in san francisco called the three heads, six arms. welcome to san francisco. thank you for bringing your extraordinary sculpture. can you tell me about what inspired you to create this sculpture? >> this started with some trips
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that i took years ago. i went to to bed and i saw a lot of statues and i started to really feel the spiritual life of people in tibet. it really inspires me and i went back to shanghai and i started the creation of this. >> we see that one of the heads of the bullet it is your face. can you talk about the significance of that? -- we see that one of the heads of the buddha is your face. >> i started doing public art almost 10 years ago. what i want to express this as
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an extension of my our practice. this is an accumulation of my own experience as a performance artist. >> we see that the scale is very important. we have seen other works where a limb of this culture is on the floor but everything is very big and large scale. what are you trying to accomplish with expanding the scale of these images to such a great size. >> i wanted to make large scale
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art and see how this plays a role in contemporary society. i think that is the mission of contemporary art, to serve as a social critique. >> when the mayor knew some -- when mayor newsom join you in dedicating this, they wanted to find a work that was big and bold. he was so pleased with your participation that he made you an honoraria citizens of san francisco for the next 18 months. the public reaction has been very positive. what is your reaction of how people receive your sculpture? >> i think that san francisco has a long history.
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this gigantic sculpture is in front of the civic center. i know that that is not the kind of a go with whole environment. there is an exchange with the american culture and the asian culture which has created this very strong power. this power was created by east meets west may be is exactly what our mayor or the public wants. they will start to be curious and wonder how this is here and how we look at the asian culture. >> you have lived internationally, you have lived in cities like new york and beijing, now shanghai.
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you made a very conscious decision to lend this culture to san francisco as opposed to having it premier as an exhibition at another museum. >> i am very satisfied with the turnout and i lived in new york for 8 years and all of my children were born in new york. i already have the american spirit. i am proud to be here and i really appreciate the spirit of committing to things and being honored and being collaborative. when i flashed back to my career, i think about what an artist can do is a teeny tiny
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thing. i want to contribute to the hall human society. what art can do is just this tiny bit. >> your invitation has already proven to be a great success and we really look forward to spending time with your sculpture. thank you for being part of "culture wire." >> thank you for being part of this project. >> thank you for watching. join us for future episodes. you can
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